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The Best Pizza in Denver: Top 5 Pizzerias Rated and Reviewed

Denver, Colorado is home to a vibrant food scene, and its pizza offerings are no exception. In fact, Denver was recently in the news as the best place for pizza.

As a passionate pizza lover, I embarked on a delicious quest to find the best pizza in the Mile High City. I visited the top-rated pizza places in town for part one and visited each pizzeria in person to ensure fresh quality.

I’ve rated and reviewed based on overall experience, sauce, crust, flavor, and unique qualities. I had the help of my best friends for their pizza opinions and included our collective feedback and tastebud ratings.

We ordered one specialty pizza and one pepperoni at each location to keep it an even playing field and got apps and drinks to have the full dine-in experience.

Here’s my guide to the best pizza in Denver. 🍕

5. Cart Driver

Cart Driver is a favorite among hipsters and pizza enthusiasts alike. Located in a shipping container in the trendy RiNo district, this pizzeria has a cult following and is often packed, but the wait is worth it. The unique setting and vibrant atmosphere add to the overall experience, making it a must-visit spot in Denver.

Overall Rating: 7.5

  • Sauce: 7

  • Crust: 9

  • Flavor: 8

  • Comments: Cart Driver impresses with its use of Calabrian chilies on the pepper pizza, which adds a delightful kick. The crust is consistently excellent, offering a great texture that complements the toppings well.

  • The tomato sauce itself was light with high flavor content no sweetness was noted, instead it was very acidic. The potato pizza just had olive oil as the sauce. They specialize in olives and the flavor was super intense in a good way.

  • The crust is a light sourdough crust done in a traditional wood fire, which gave it the classic burn bubble crust. The crust is amazing and the best part.

  • If the middle of the crust wasn’t as squishy then it would be a 10 for crust, but this is standard for this style of pizza.

  • Both pizzas have a lot of flavor for what little toppings they have on there.

  • The potato pizza was probably the best potato pizza that I have ever had.

  • They do not have a ranch in-house at all which is surprising, so we got the dill sauce. It was good but I would have preferred ranch.

  • There are no options to customize, and the flavor pizzas are not typical so you’d have a hard time if you’re picky, have food allergies, or are expecting traditional pizza flavors. But for the hipster pizza lover, this is your jam.

  • Their dining experience was not faint of heart, we were determined to get the pizza but the waiting experience and seating experience was lackluster. I recommend takeout during busy hours.

4. Beaujo’s

Beaujo’s is known for its signature “Colorado pizza,” featuring a unique honey drizzle on the crust. With several locations across the state, my personal favorite is the Idaho Springs location because it is perfect for a post-mountain adventure meal. This pizzeria provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, ideal for enjoying their distinctive take on pizza.

Overall Rating: 7.8

  • Sauce: 7

  • Crust: 9

  • Flavor: 7.5

  • Comments: Beaujo’s is famous for its honey crust, which adds a unique twist you won’t find anywhere else. While the sauce and overall flavor are good, the honey crust is what sets Beaujo’s apart, providing a sweet finish to every bite.

  • The honey crust you can’t get anywhere else and they advertise it as Colorado pizza. The crust was thick, but still very light to consume making it very enjoyable.

  • It was awesome that they had vegan cheese and were accommodating to food allergies.

  • The dining experience for our whole group was enjoyable and we enjoyed a family-style salad as well.

  • All the pizzas are heavy on toppings which we liked. We got the Dude Ranch, Yukon, and the Little Italy pizzas. The Little Italy pizza had fresh basil that set the flavors off. One friend thought the chicken bacon ranch was fettuccine sauce.

3. Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza

Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza boasts Michelin recognition and uses an imported Italian pizza oven, ensuring an authentic Neapolitan pizza experience. The dedication to traditional methods and high-quality ingredients shines through in every bite, making Marco’s a standout in Denver’s pizza scene.

Overall Rating: 8.3

  • Sauce: 7

  • Crust: 9

  • Flavor: 9

  • Comments: Marco’s offers a classic Neapolitan pizza experience. The dough is perfectly cooked, creating a deliciously soft yet crisp base. The sauce is good, though not exceptional, but the overall flavor and authentic feel make Marco’s a top contender.

  • The pizza is classic Neapolitan and the dough is amazing, but I can’t rate it a perfect 10 because it was a little soft in the middle. It was argued this is how this style of pizza is supposed to be but it requires a fork almost.

  • The overall flavors were incredible and I loved all the toppings. We got the Brooklyn which has sweet Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, San Marzano sauce, mozzarella, basil and I added ricotta.

  • We also got the Del Re which had amazing prosciutto, and truffle cream spread. This was surprisingly my favorite. I loved the bubbles on the crust and the slightly burnt flavor from the high-heat pizza oven is amazing. 

2. Blue Pan Pizza

Blue Pan Pizza is celebrated for its Detroit-style pizza and has garnered numerous awards for its delicious offerings. Known for its thick, crispy crust and hearty toppings, Blue Pan has become a favorite for those seeking a slice of Detroit style in Denver.

Overall Rating: 8

  • Sauce: 7

  • Crust: 8.5

  • Flavor: 9

  • Comments: Blue Pan Pizza offers a delightful combination of good ambiance and excellent drinks. The crust is particularly impressive, with a perfect balance of crispiness and chewiness. Although the sauce is good, it doesn't stand out as much as the other elements. Overall, it’s a solid choice for pizza enthusiasts.

  • I personally did not think I liked Detroit style as much as I did until eating here. Now I am obsessed and it is my go-to for fancier pizza.

  • There was a wait but it was not too long to get seated, but it did take a noticeable time for pizza to come out. Beyond the pizza, we noted that we disliked that there was not a large variety of appetizers. 

  • I LOVE the ricotta dollops on their award-winning pizza and the ranch is very good too.

1. Joy Hill

Joy Hill features a wood-fired oven and an incredible rooftop, offering a cool vibe to complement their delicious pizzas. The ambiance is perfect for a casual night out, and the expertly crafted pizzas make Joy Hill a top destination for pizza lovers in Denver.

Overall Rating: 8.5

  • Sauce: 8 (Very Sweet)

  • Crust: 10

  • Flavor: 8

  • Comment: Joy Hill is renowned for its wood-fired taste, which truly elevates the pizza experience. The sauce is on the sweeter side, and the crust is melt-in-your-mouth perfection. The unique wood-fired flavor is the highlight here, making it a must-visit spot. With the highest overall rating, Joy Hill is the winner of part one for judging Denver’s pizza scene.

  • The sourdough wood fire crust was to die for. We ordered off their specialty menu, getting the pepperoni and the white tiger. Our consensus was we would have preferred that the specialty pepperoni didn’t have jalapeños, we would’ve liked it better. The sauce is sweet but not too sweet. The ranch was the right consistency but a little lacking in flavor.

  • There was even a vinyl DJ setting the mood right for the rooftop pizza party.

Stay tuned for part two coming soon 🍕

Denver's pizza scene offers something for every palate, from wood-fired delicacies to unique honey crusts. Each of these top five pizzerias brings something special to the table, ensuring that pizza lovers will find their perfect slice. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, make sure to check out these spots for an unforgettable pizza experience.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my pizza ratings, where I’ll review more of Denver’s top pizzerias.

Have a favorite pizza place you think I should rate next? Comment below and let me know! Happy eating!


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